About Firefly Migration


Established in 2006 by Magic and .NET experts, Firefly Migration provides its customers with the freedom of choice and a real opportunity to upgrade their legacy Magic-based applications to the latest, most advanced and widely adopted technology – Microsoft .NET.

A Different Approach to Software Migration

Unlike other solutions, which are based on manual migration of the code, Firefly Migration is completely automatic, translating the source application from Magic to C#.NET without manual coding. The migrated version preserves the original functionality and appearance of the original Magic-based application, without the need for end-user re-training or development freeze.
Firefly Migration has a successful track record migrating Magic-based applications to .NET for leading global organizations in a variety of vertical markets, including: DdD Retail, DataMax Group, Crown Agents, Eldan and Israel Aerospace Industries.

Firefly Migration Team

Noam Honig   
Founder and Chief Executive Officer     

A highly-regarded IT expert with over 15 years of experience in software development, consulting and IT project management, Noam Honig is responsible for the overall management of the company. Considered a global Magic expert, Mr. Honig has experienced first hand the transition to .NET, gaining valuable insights on how businesses can benefit from the advantages of .NET without throwing away large investments made in their Magic-based applications.Prior to Founding Firefly Migration, Noam was CTO at a leading Magic development software house, where he successfully developed many automated transformation tools for Magic-based applications.   
Yoni Rapoport  
Chief Technology Officer 

Yoni Rapoport started programming at the age of 15 and brings 15 years of experience in software development using Microsoft tools and languages. He is responsible for the company's software architecture and development, leveraging his .NET technical expertise and vast experience in the fields of object-oriented software design, design patterns and agile development methodologies.
Sefi Bar-El  
Director of Customers Facing Activities 

Sefi Bar-El is an experienced software developer of both Magic and .NET. His unique combined experience enables him to successfully train teams of Magic developers and help them make the transition to the .NET environment. 
Menachem Ainemer  
Chief Operations Officer & Director of Projects 

Menachem Ainemer is an experienced operations manager in technology and retail companies. He is accompanying Firefly Migration from the first step and serves as a director of projects. 


"We finally have a solution which allows us to leverage the massive efforts invested in our Magic systems with minimal risks"
Uri Carmi