Frequently Asked Questions

Is the migration really 100% automatic?
Are there any manual aspects to the migration?
Some acceptance testing of the migrated application is usually done manually (pretty similar to current QA routines). By 100% automatic, we mean that the migrated code is generated according to the original code without any manual intervention before or after the conversion.
How do you achieve a 100% automated migration?
We convert all your Magic application's structures and programs to C#.NET classes and provide a C#.NET support library which encapsulates all the functionality that Magic's runtime environment provided in the original application. As we create an equivalent for every single Magic structure and command your application consists of, we are able to convert it without missing anything. To see an actual application migration, watch this video
How long does a migration project take?
While the automated code conversion takes minutes, a full migration project will take longer than that as it requires: adequate testing of the migrated application, training of the Magic development team and deployment to end-users. The average project takes 4-8 months, depending on the size and complexity of the application as well as the availability of your internal resources.
To evaluate the time and effort required for migrating your application to .NET - contact our solution consultants
Are there any legal issues in migrating my application from Magic/UniPaaS to .NET using Firefly Migration?
Absolutely not! Firefly Migration has received a final and non-appealable ruling stating that migrating from Magic/UniPaaS to .NET with Firefly Migration does not infringe on any of Magic Software’s intellectual property rights. More details: in 2008-2009, due to Firefly Migration's success, Magic Software accused Firefly Migration of copyright infringement and informed its customers of this possibility. In 2010, following arbitration, the arbiter issued a ruling stating that “Magic’s claim against Firefly is entirely denied" and that “Firefly's software, its usage and its application in converting systems that were written in Magic to .NET, does not infringe on any of Magic's intellectual property rights”. This ruling was later confirmed in court and rendered final and non-appealable.
Can a .NET developer who is unfamiliar with Magic maintain the migrated application?
Any .NET developer can maintain and enhance the migrated application, after a short overview of the migrated application architecture. The migration project code is designed using Common Design Patterns and Object Oriented Principles; we also provide documentation in the standard MSDN format.
Can a Magic developer who is unfamiliar with .NET maintain the migrated application?
Absolutely. Because we come from a rich Magic background, we have a clear understanding of the knowledge gaps that needs to be bridged, to get a Magic developer and transform him/her into an accomplished .NET developer. We created a special focused training course that leverages the existing knowledge of the Magic developer. Read more here on how we can migrate your existing development team to .NET. 
Will I have to pay any license or maintenance fees after the migration?
No. We provide a turnkey project with no additional maintenance or license costs.
How many applications have you migrated successfully so far?
So far, we have migrated hundreds of different Magic applications for over 40 customers around the world. We have also migrated hundreds of other application for demonstration and development purposes. Check out Our Customers Page to see some of the migration projects we've worked on. Would you like to see your application working in .NET? Schedule a demo now and we'll be happy to present it to you.
How much will migrating my application cost?
The migration price is based on your Magic version, export file size and special complexities if they exist. Basically, the more applications you have, and the bigger your export file, your price per MB will decrease. For a detailed price estimate, please fill in a contact us form and we will contact you promptly.
Which versions of Magic can you migrate from?
All versions.
Which Databases do you support?
We support all Database types used by Magic applications from Pervasive/Btrieve to MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, iSeries ISAM, etc. 
Do you perform database migrations?
We can usually perform database migrations as part of the Magic to .NET migration. Please contact us for a definite answer regarding your specific situation.
"Corero’s team of five Magic programmers has become an extremely productive group of C# developers."
Mike Stansfield
Product Dev Director