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Make a Great Technology Move

Firefly Migration converts your Magic/uniPaaS based application to full-blown .NET based software.
  • Find Development Resources
  • Enrich Your Application's User Experience
  • Improve Security and Performance
Resulting code is purely C#.NET of the highest quality, free of proprietary software and praised by .NET experts.

Preserve Your Investment

Migrating your application to .NET should not include throwing away the major investment made in developing it and in teaching users how to use it. That is why Firefly Migration delivers a functionally and visually identical migrated application protecting your software assets. All existing application functionality is preserved—no exceptions. Our fully automated migration software scans everything in you application's Magic code and produces a result indistinguishable to application users, eliminating the need for time consuming re-training of end users.

Risk Free Migration

Using a 100% automatic migration guarantees a truly risk free process, avoiding the cloud of uncertainty commonly hovering over manual software rewrites. See a working demo of your migrated application free and without any commitment. Fixed Price and Short Schedule—the migration is completely automated, offering a short and predictable migration process. Side-by-side deployment of original and migrated applicationuse them interchangeably until confident to retire the old system.
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Migrate > Test > Switch

Getting your application migrated and deployed in .NET is a 3-step process:
  1. Migrate - Upload your latest Magic code to our secured server, initiate the migration and download the resulting .NET code within minutes.
  2. Test - Run your QA routines on the migrated application and report any inconsistencies between the original and migrated application to us. We will make all necessary fixes to the migration software, so you can simply re-migrate and get those inconsistencies resolved.
    Testing may take several weeks depending primarily on the availability of your QA resources. However, during that time you will continue developing your application in Magic and have your modifications migrated just before switching to .NET.
  3. Switch - Application users are switched from the Magic-based application to the migrated .NET-based application and your development team switches from Magic development to .NET development using Microsoft Visual Studio.
Read more here about how the migration process works.

.NET Training for Your Magic Developers

Firefly Migration allows you to migrate your application to .NET without loosing your previous investments. This includes your investment in your development team. Firefly Migration offers a two-week training course especially designed for Magic developers. The course is conducted on-site (at the client’s premises) and provides .NET/C# knowledge that will allow Magic developers to immediately continue their application development on the .NET framework.
Read more here about migrating your development team and our specialized training.  

Need More Information?

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"Corero’s team of five Magic programmers has become an extremely productive group of C# developers."
Mike Stansfield
Product Dev Director