Why Migrate To .NET?

Increase Your Development Capabilities

With .NET you'll never be short of development resources. Magic has a relatively small ecosystem of developers and technical resources, making it difficult to adjust development efforts as business requirements change.
Migrating to .NET will allow you to easily use any of the following:
  • Fully integrate .NET developers into your existing development team.
  • Get professional services from an abundance of .NET consultants, where Magic consultants are very hard to find.
  • Outsourcing and off-shoring services, which are always available for .NET development and hardly ever for Magic. 
Get started with your migration by scheduling a demo now. Learn more about migrating to .NET with Firefly Migration.

A Powerful Mainstream Technology

Magic is a proprietary, non-standard technology especially when compared to .NET. Magic users are completely dependent on Magic to introduce support and functionality required for new technologies. Since when upgrading to .NET you get a pure .NET application including its source code, you are delegating the control back to the developer.
In .NET you are free to take full advantage of these technological benefits:
  • Improved performance and security - Many of our customers upgraded their Magic application when they realized they can easily achieve performance and security improvements in .NET.
  • Easier integration with external tools and applications.
  • Advanced UI elements - It is relatively more complicated to introduce advanced UI elements (Grids, Charts, WPF etc.) into a Magic based application.
  • High Quality Code - Automatic migration results in high quality, pure C# code, which is designed to be the best starting point for all of the application's future needs. Read more here. 
  • Taking full advantage of version control software created for code-based programming languages and not for development tools such as Magic. Read more here. 

Drive Down Costs

Magic uses a run-time licensing model which may lead to ever increasing licensing costs as the number of application users grow, with maintenance costs rising accordingly. In addition, since Magic developers are scarce and constantly becoming more so, the cost of recruiting and employing Magic developers is higher than .NET developers.

Remove Sales Barriers

Magic technology can create an obstacle for businesses selling Magic based applications. Enterprises unfamiliar with Magic technology are reluctant to buy non-standard applications. Software houses amongst our customers have been able to increase revenues and broaden their target markets.
Learn more about migrating to .NET with Firefly Migration. Begin your migration to .NET by scheduling a demo now.
Want more information how the migration process works? Read more here about our 100%, automatic migration solution, and the technology behind it. 
"This is a great first step in the future development of our product, which will include mobile, social media and innovative retail solutions."
Udi Visner
Verifone Israel