You have a lot invested in Magic/uniPaaS-based applications,
and Magic has been serving you well for years.

We know because we've been there, and we've been absolutely certain that the alternative of code-based programming - flexible as it may be, will slow you down and likely leave you unable to deliver.

But what if you could have more...?

What if you could leverage the most advanced programming tools and capabilities, tap into practically limitless development resources, improve user satisfaction and lower TCO, all while maintaining and building on your existing Magic assets and skillset. And what if you could do all this at the same ease, familiarity and development speed you've always enjoyed?

Sounds crazy? It isn't.

With Firefly's proven and 100% automated solution for risk-free Magic/uniPaaS-to-.NET migration, you'll get pure .NET-based applications that are visually and functionally identical to your originals, along with the tools and methodologies you need to even exceed the development speed and efficiency you've grown so accustomed to. In fact, we'll make your move to .NET much easier than upgrading to new versions of Magic.

Let's talk.

Our experienced Magic experts will gladly bring you up to speed on this exciting opportunity to dramatically improve your development. Contact us today for a free consultation or to schedule a free trial to demonstrate migration of your very own application to .NET.