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Why Migrate?

Give your app a Boost

Improve performance, reliability and look & feel, with .NET tools, extensions and UI components.

Deliver Features Faster

Use DevOps tools for version control, testing and release automation, and the .NET community for getting past obstacles quickly.

Extend to any Device

Instantly create REST API’s from your existing data definitions, and microservices that run your existing business logic.

How it works

Always 100% Automated

Migration is practically as simple as uploading your Magic-based application export to our Migration-as-a-Service server, and downloading functionally and visually identical versions coded in C#.NET mere minutes later.

Any Differences? We fix our Engine

Using a dedicated environment of your system, we will analyze any inconsistencies between original and migrated versions, and provide a guaranteed fix by further adapting our learning migration engine.

Zero Disruption to Operations

During acceptance testing of migrated apps, on-the-fly migrations of your ongoing Magic developments are always available. At production roll-out, migrated apps are installed side-by-side to the existing, so users can temporarily revert as needed until fully satisfied.

Empowered Magic Team

Your Magic programmers and their high productivity are a vital asset. We will provide them with the training and tools they need to maintain migrated .NET apps with increased efficiency.


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