How it works

Always 100% Automated

Migration is practically as simple as uploading your Magic-based application export to our Migration-as-a-Service server, and downloading functionally and visually identical versions coded in C#.NET mere minutes later.

Any Differences? We fix our Engine

Using a dedicated environment of your system, we will analyze any inconsistencies between original and migrated versions, and provide a guaranteed fix by further adapting our learning migration engine.

Zero Disruption to Operations

During acceptance testing of migrated apps, on-the-fly migrations of your ongoing Magic developments are always available. At production roll-out, migrated apps are installed side-by-side to the existing, so users can temporarily revert as needed until fully satisfied.

Empowered Magic Team

Your Magic programmers and their high productivity are a vital asset. We will provide them with the training and tools they need to maintain migrated .NET apps with increased efficiency.